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Mayhem '05   Lava   LAVA

[450 x 338 JPG]

From Chris Rehm
Added May 06 2005
Hits 854

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See! She ain't called
Description: See! She ain't called "Lava" for nothin.... makin' her debut at Gilbert's last Saturday.
SAVANNAHHey thats,that (1) dude mAn
JimKingCHRIS you look like you've lost weight....or does black & lava do that for you??!! ;)
ChrisRThat's a Les Paul optical illution Jim. I'm as fat as ever!
tattooneilFAROUT Brother Chris!!!! Looking Good~~~~
SkyDogSysyou look like your playin some Jimmy Buffet tunes with that tiki shack background. Lookin' good, Von Rehm
DUBLINDAVE~ what happens in key largo, stays in key largo ~ KEEP ON ROCKIN BRO
bettsgirl23beautiful axe bro!!! lava is hot!!!!
SAVANNAHis that Jimmy Buffet?
CapnIMO, this photo says so much more than words could ever speak.... about music, friends, family, brotherhood and happiness
Capnone year, almost to the day, after the Inaugural Mayhem....Back where it all began (SAV & Rehm)

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